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Real Estate Agent Louis Cirignano

Louis Cirignano


Louis is a full-time agent with business knowledge across many different fields, making him a well-versed asset to this team. With a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship from UMass Lowell, Louis is up to date on the newest business trends and technologies. In addition, Louis has experience as an excavation contractor and specializes in working with builders and is equipped to handle any project.


Louis is the Co-Founder and CEO of FAM - Social Finance, an app that helps his customers save and budget their money. Louis is intelligent businessman, with a deep and thorough understanding of the real estate market and industry. He is dedicated to each and every one of his clients, always going above and beyond to ensure they get the best deal, and that each transaction goes as smoothly as possible.


Louis's Testimonials

"We launched our first development project recently with The Synergy Group real estate brokerage. They proved to be the excellent partners we had hoped for in all ways. Their team is hard-working, honest, detail-oriented yet flexible, experienced professionals. We look forward to partnering with Synergy on new projects as we refine our approach and lean into partners for their expertise in guiding our future development decisions.


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